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Competitive Will Individual Development

The newly structured Competitive Will Elite 8 program continues high performance sport psychology development while enhancing the individual's efficiency through a task orientated mindset on and off the playing field.  Bridging the gap between high performance theory and reality, the Elite 8 mandate is to develop the whole athlete. Among other focus points, the Elite 8 program looks to develop character, build perseverance, and help you manage stress.

Starting in August and running through March, the Elite 8 Program provides athletes with daily, weekly, and monthly objectives (modules) in high performance psychology and leadership strategies. Skills are applied in monthly ice sessions and one key development camp opportunity, August 2016. The Elite 8 program also allows time for individual objectives set out by each athlete’s unique needs. Each individual athlete can expect three to five hours of development per month.

If the Elite 8 program doesn’t fit your needs, I invite you to develop your high performance strategies through the Retainer program. The Retainer program continues individual development evaluation on high performance psychology and advanced strategic analysis of performance. Competitive Will believes that building a strong relationship with athletes is the foundation for providing solid evaluation with actionable objectives to enhance performance. The Retainer program focuses on individual needs to set objectives and drive development. Each individual athlete can expect two to three hours of development per month.

Should you have any question about the programs’ structures or development opportunities, please feel free to contact Competitive Will.

Competitive Will Elite 8 Modules (Draft April 2,2016)


1.        September

Establishing Efficiency

Setting Goals in Performance, Process and Life

Identifying Key Tasks of High Performance and Values

Performance Profile

Leadership Analysis and Development

2.        October

Developing our Preparation Skills

Identifying Key Aspects and Structure

Focus and Concentration

Tools to enhance self-talk, imagery/visualization, relaxation, preparation (structure)

3.        November 

Evaluation Stage and Resetting

Review Performance Profile

Review Goal Setting

Video Lessons

4.        December

Leadership Development

Leadership Analysis and Development

5.        January

Evaluation Stage and Resetting

Review Performance Profile

Review Goal Setting

6.        February

Stress Resiliency

    Developing the 5C’s and Stress Resiliency.

7.        March

Leadership and Accountability

Route to Success Moving Forward.



For more information on the 2016/2017 season programs, please contact Kyle McDonald by phone at 306-551-5418 or by email at