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Competitive Will Organizational Development

Competitive Will Performance Consulting (Competitive Will) enhances the performance of organizations and high performance individuals by integrating performance psychology as the pillar to individual and group development. 

As many have stated, the opportunity to achieve success is 90% mental. However, mental development is one of the most underrepresented facets for individual and team advancement.  Competitive Will’s facilitation and training involves educating and developing individuals on creating a driven mindset required for success both in the office and in life.

Competitive Will is pleased to using a variety of tools to help each individual develop his or her performance, Competitive Will looks to establish:

  1. A Culture of Excellence (Team Building)
  2. Being World Class (Performance Excellence)
  3. Striving for Excellence (Motivation)
  4. Overcoming Stress and Adversity (Stress Management)

These four aspects are at the core of developing a strong team and individual in the competitive environment. As these as our guiding foundation, sessions will include presenting these concepts along with working with the individual or teams through circumstances that arise through facilitated discussions, including maintaining and improving performance.

Competitive Will training and facilitation sessions are said to be relatable, influential, and life-changing.

Engaging Competitive Will for team/individual development presents the opportunity to implement current best practices in being world class. Previous orgainzational development involved developing leadership as a task orientated mindset.

For more information on the upcoming season programs, please contact Competitive Will by phone at 306-551-5418 or by email at