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“In today’s sporting world people are always trying to uncover the next best thing to improve their performance. Unfortunately people spend a lot of time and energy with ‘quick fix’ schemes that have little value to overall performance. I found that Kyle McDonald’s Competitive Will program not only provides participants with a competitive edge but equips them to become more self-managed athletes.” - Del Pedrick (Director of Hockey - Athol Murray College of Notre Dame)

"Kyle's presentation was to a large group of adults and went off flawlessly but not without hard discussions initiated by Kyle. We would recommend Kyle and his notion of performance psychology to any corporate organization looking to be world class." - George Pyne (SaskPower)

"Kyle's approach was great. His session during Nationals was very helpful.  As a coach I found it very helpful to be able to text him about the issues and of course the team was also appreciative that you came to watch them play." - Lorriane Arguin (Coach - Saskatchewan Wheelchair Curling Team)

"It was overall an awesome season with Kyle. His sessions helped me break through some mental barriers I had before and reach my goals.  What stood out to me the most was how Kyle was always there for me throughout the whole season." - Gabrielle Sanson (Speedskating)

"Competitive Will is experienced and comfortable in their discussions. Just having someone to talk to when you're frustrated and lacking confidence is so helpful. But having someone who can give you insight and resources to get out of that slump is something that every athlete can benefit from" - Mackenzie Ebel (Warner Hockey)

“I'd definitely recommend Competitive Will. Kyle can really help determine things you can do in your game to be successful” – James Piller (Hockey)

"Thank you for helping me out this season. If I had never worked with you I don't know hoe my season would have turned out. Every time I told you a challenge I was facing there was always an answer to help me out. The most beneficial was the preparation sheets. They made me think of what I needed to do for me to be on my game. We always made progress in reaching my short and long term goals. Competitive Will relates to the athlete no matter what sport." - MacLean Gilchrist (Volleyball)

"Kyle is a very good instructor and shows he genuinely cares about the success of the athletes he works with" -Dan Schofield (Polar United - Yellowknife, NWT)

"Cole’s level of play has been improving lately. Thanks for being a part of Cole’s success this season.  You have provided him with a lot of great information and support. We appreciate your time & guidance." - Delora Stevenson (Cole Stevenson - Hockey)

"He has done very well keeping his in-game focus which has been a challenge moving from a team that averaged giving up 40+ shots per game to one at about 25. I attribute a lot of that to working with you." - Dave McGarva (Liam McGarva - Hockey)

"We both appreciate you providing this feedback for Hardy.  We are seeing some improvement – we now see confidence, engaging  in plays, and just better overall performance." Randy & Tammy Wagner (Hardy Wagner - Hockey)

"Competitive Will helped me see the game in a different way and improve the mental side of my game." Macy Liebreich (Weyburn Gold Wings - Esso Cup Champion)

"Randy will be committing to Marian University. Believe it or not, some of the things you said to Randy sunk in. I wanted to let you know you really made a difference.Thank you for everything you did to help Randy." -Michael Wolf (Randy Wolf - Hockey)

"The self confidence I developed was extraordinary. Kyle was very helpful for our team. Competitive Will made our team better." - Jay Aasen (Melfort Mustangs)

"Competitive Will was good in the aspect it brought the team together and focussed on our mental game. It opened up new ways or aspects to look in game situations or adversity." - Jane Kish (Weyburn Gold Wings - Esso Cup Champion)

"The most beneficial aspect of Competitive Will was when we honestly ranked our team as subgroups and established being honest with each other." Kathryn Haegedorn (Warner Hockey)

"Competitive Will provides an outside point of view which brings a new perspective. It was great when we rated our teammates (forwards, defense, goailies)." - Caitlin Dempsey (Weyburn Gold Wings - Esso Cup Champion)

"Competitive Will was very beneficial, when our team was battling adversity in December, the sessions aided in turning our attitudes around." - Tristan Frei (Melfort Mustangs)

"As the game gets tougher I believe using Competitive Will is a great asset." - Reid Duke (Lethbridge Hurricanes)

"The most beneficial sessions for me was how to handle high pressure situations and how to bring yourself back after a bad game or shift." Britannia Gillanders (Warner Hockey)

"The game is mostly mental, and using Competitive Will's sessions helps you on ice." - Michal Holub (Lethbridge Hurricanes)

"I thought Competitive Will was beneficial. The 5C's were huge. I don't think there was anything that didn't benefit us." - Sheldon Argent (Melfort Mustangs)

"I thought there was a lot of beneficial information to take away from each session. The most beneficial for me were the aspects of believing in yourself and trusting yourself." Emma Nutter (Warner Hockey)"

"I started working with Mr. McDonald my junior season. I always had a problem when things were not going the right way I would tend to compound the issue by being very hard on myself and losing my temper. It was very disruptive and had a negative effect on my team. Mr. McDonald and I did put together a plan of action to help me realize when and why I was losing control of my emotions and temper during hockey. We sat down and every week to establish key processes and goals to focus on during practice and games. This helped me focus on achieving a goal for the week instead of focusing on small errors I might make. There were ups and downs but to reach your goals there is always adversity. These small things combined with Mr. McDonald’s guidance at times when I would lose my way helped me become more calm and focused during games and stay on the right path. I feel that working with Mr. McDonald has really helped me stay calm and focused in the heat of the moment. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with him because he has truly helped me this year and his advice will help in my future endeavors." – David Elliston (Collegiate Student Athlete)

"Working with Competitive Will helped me take a refreshed approach to the game. It gave me the tools to mentally evaluate my game and prepare for competitions. The workbooks were key for me in determining my focuses on a weekly level. Personal reflections and evaluations helped my mind stay sharp during practice and helped me get away from going through the motions".  – Collegiate Student Athlete

"The camp went very well, I felt like I fit in and was able to do the things that I do well with more confidence than I thought. I kept with my non-negotiables and I it helped me keep my composure and not get to nervous about who I was playing against. The first day of on ice I was very nervous and I was playing timid and lacked confidence but as the week went on I gained more and more confidence and started playing my game again. Being able to go back to my non-negotaibles we worked on really helped."- Student/Athlete

"I cannot speak enough about Mr. McDonald’s professionalism – he is very thorough and articulate. He always wants his client to succeed." - Parent
"Kyle has been a real benefit for my daughter as she had to come back from a serious leg injury but she had to deal with turmoil within her team as well as a coaching change and a parent group in conflict. Kyle’s strategies for dealing with these distractions, allowing her to focus on the things she had to control has had a very positive impact on her basketball season. It allowed her to perform well being nominated for the year end showcase tournament at SAIT in Calgary and more importantly being signed by the college basketball team of her choice for her first semester in the fall. Her sessions and work with Kyle has allowed her to more fully enjoy her season, perform at a high level, and prepare her to better navigate the obstacles ahead of her in college then in life." -  Parent

"My son struggled with confidence in his sport not playing aggressively and would struggle to recover from poor plays or results. Being able to talk with Kyle after games and during the week as part of his preparation helped him take steps forward in being more aggressive with positive imagery and his improving his focus. This added to up to a better consistent performance from him. Kyle’s emphasis on the process has allowed him to move past subpar results and poor play to improving performance and enjoyment. These items are also laying the groundwork for him to become a better student which we think will make him a better person, which is the biggest benefit of the Kyle’s work." - Parent

"The sport psychology program gets me to really listen in on what is being taught, motivates me and makes me think about my future and the game." -Student/Athlete
"I think that this is really great. It has helped me in games this year and I hope it will continue to do so" -Student/Athlete
"Kyle hits all the areas I needed to improve on. Before the mental training I thought my areas of concern in my game were only me. Kyle helped motivate myself more and made my daily objectives more clear." -Student/Athlete